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Welcome to the new you!

We are dedicated to giving you a small slice of heaven away from the hectic daily life. You don't need to carve out a whole day to enjoy the benefits of our salon. You can be just as relaxed during your lunchtime facial as an all-day spa affair.

 - Maria Tolentino

Aquí en Miami Wave Hair Designers, nos será un placer complacerlo a usted ofrenciendole nuestros servicios profesionales. Con nuestros conocimientos y su confianza, lograremos un perfecto trabajo. Se sentirá relajado y confortable con el ambiente familiar de nuestro lugar..

 - Maria Tolentino

  1. Miami Wave Hair Designers
  2. Address: 3939 NW 7th St # 210, Miami, FL 33126
    Phone:(305) 541-3305